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How We Keep Your Data Safe


Kurent uses state of the art security and hosting provided by Microsoft Azure, providing bank level encryption for your data.  Kurent uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which establishes encrypted links between the server where your data is hosted and your browser - ensuring that all communication remains encrypted and private. Even when your data is not traveling over the internet, it is encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption.

Geo Redundancy

Your Kurent data and the Kurent program are hosted in the United States.  A backup of your data also resides at a different location in the United States to provide extra protection in the case of a natural disaster.


Your Kurent data is backed up several times throughout the day.  You can also easily download your data.  Use the “export data” feature in the Firm Settings area of Kurent. It will let you save your data as CSV files which can be read by programs like Excel or Numbers.

Data Retention

Kurent will destroy your data 90 days after your paid subscription ends, and 15 days after your free trial ends.  When your subscription ends we will remind you of this, and provide you with directions for exporting your data.

Kurent uses state of the art security and hosting provided by Microsoft Azure.  Azure provides protection more advanced and robust than the typical law office.  Your Kurent data will be protected by local and network firewalls, web application firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, anti-virus software, DDoS throttling services, security patch management, anomaly detection, penetration testing, malware testing, and remote monitoring. 

More Advanced & More Robust