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Webinar Wednesdays Archive

Thank you for your interest in Webinar Wednesdays! We wanted to give you an in-depth look at some of our favorite features of Kurent. Whether you've been using Kurent for a week, a year, or anything in between, these webinars are for you. 

The webinars are all around 20 minutes, and are followed by an interactive Q&A with attendees from the live webinar. If you have more questions for Brandon & Zoe, we recommend scheduling a personalized walkthrough or send them an email at support@kurent.com.

A webinar series with a new theme every month!

February 2019

We highlight what some of our users are doing to optimize their billing process to get the most out of Kurent. You might call them shortcuts or life hacks, but we call them simply, Practical Pointers.

Length: 27:57

Practical Pointers